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Thursday, April 29, 2004
My First Poker Entry

Poker Stars: $445
Party Poker: $583
Live: $100 ("house-fund": $85)

Last night I played in 2 Sit&Go's. I took 2nd place in a $5.50 and 1st place in a $11.

I think I played well in both games.

The $5 I had no cards at all the entire game and somehow managed to limp my way into second place. I need to go back and look at my actual stats for this one but I was playing ridiculously tight and got lucky that no one else was.

The $11 was great. I tripled up fairly early on a big blind special holding 35o when the flop comes down 246 with two spades. After a half pot bet on the flop that got two callers the turn was a blank and I moved all in to get called by pocket Q's and a spades draw. The spades missed so I was sitting with a chip lead of almost double the next person. After that I played tightly until we were down to 6 when I started bullying people around and stealing a lot of blinds. I took a small stack out when I overbet the pot on a semi-bluff, nut flush draw. He moved all in and the pot was paying more than enough to call. He turned over an open ended straight draw and I was actually ahead with my A high. Both draws hit and I knocked him out to put myself up to about $7000. By the time it got down to 3 I was at $10,000 and they were about even at $1500. They were both playing tight as possible to try and eek into second so I just continued to steal blinds and went heads up about $12,000 to $1000.

Poker seems so easy when things are going your way.
Wedding Countdown: 23 Days
Well with the proliferation of all the poker blogs I've decided to try my hand at writing my own. Let's see how long it lasts...

Let's start off with a little background on me. UD_Delt is the name I go by online. It comes from being an alumni of University of Dayton and Delta Tau Delta. I was a founding father of the Delt chapter at UD and that experience shaped me into the person I am today and I still hold it near and dear to my heart. A lot of who I am comes from the 3 years I was part of my fraternity and the guys I was friends with, some of it's good and some of it's bad but it's who I am.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and work for a large bank doing web development. Seeing as how I'm not usually very busy at work it gives me a lot of time to do other things such as write this blog. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to not only continue to update this but to also make it look halfway decent at the same time. I still have no idea what all I can do with this blogging tool so that will give me something to occupy my time.

You'll also notice, for the time being, the countdown at the top of each post. As of May 22nd I will be getting married to a wonderful woman. As of May 24th we'll be on our way to Jamaica. On May 8th I'll be heading to Windsor for my bachelor party and hopefully we'll be spending some time at Greektown playing poker.

Most of this blog will be about my poker playing experiences as that's really the whole point. I started playing poker way back in high school and have always loved the game. Back then it was a mix of whatever games the dealer decided on, mostly crazy wild card games. We played as often as we could including during study halls and in the hallways after school.

I didn't start playing Hold-Em until about 8 months ago and I blame it all on the WSOP and Chris Moneymaker. Hearing about Moneymaker winning the big one on a $40 online buy-in was more than enough to sell me on online poker. Soon after I convinced the fiancee that playing poker online would cost me no more than what I was currently paying in MMORPG subscriptions. She allowed me the price of a game, $50, and $15/month after that as a bank roll. She got the much better deal as far as my bankroll for live playing and home games, I got to start with $100 but she gets half of what I win each time to put into our "house-fund", of course I get nothing back on the days I lose.

I started off on Poker Stars playing the micro-limit, .01/.02 and .05/.10, games to get the hang of hold-em. At the same time I started reading as much as possible and found RGP. With my limited knowledge of starting hands and a desire to try out everything from Omaha to Stud it took me less than a month to burn through most of my $50 even at the micro limits.

I got down to $6 and decided to give a NL Sit & Go a shot. I managed to take first and decided I was actually going to try and figure this game out before burning through any more money. Reading a lot of RGP and various other websites refined my game enough where I started to become a consistent enough winner at the NL games to start posting a small profit. At the same time I found a post from a party poker affiliate offering $50 free for singing up at party poker. I took a chance on it and he was true to his word so I got a free $50 at party.

As I read more I started playing a combination of NL Sit & Go's as well as limit ring games. Between Poker Stars, Party and a $10 sign up bonus at Gaming Club I managed to turn my initial $50 investment into $1200 across the various sites.

Since then I've read two books, Winning Low Limit Hold-Em by Lee Jones and The Complete Book of Hold-Em Poker by Gary Carson. I've also registered Poker Tracker to keep track of my play. Of course since reading those books and registering Poker Tracker I've been a losing player and my bankroll is now down to $1000. I've still been doing well at the low limit Sit & Go's but the limit game has been killing me.

And so my story begins...
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