A Fool and His Money
Thursday, April 29, 2004
My First Poker Entry

Poker Stars: $445
Party Poker: $583
Live: $100 ("house-fund": $85)

Last night I played in 2 Sit&Go's. I took 2nd place in a $5.50 and 1st place in a $11.

I think I played well in both games.

The $5 I had no cards at all the entire game and somehow managed to limp my way into second place. I need to go back and look at my actual stats for this one but I was playing ridiculously tight and got lucky that no one else was.

The $11 was great. I tripled up fairly early on a big blind special holding 35o when the flop comes down 246 with two spades. After a half pot bet on the flop that got two callers the turn was a blank and I moved all in to get called by pocket Q's and a spades draw. The spades missed so I was sitting with a chip lead of almost double the next person. After that I played tightly until we were down to 6 when I started bullying people around and stealing a lot of blinds. I took a small stack out when I overbet the pot on a semi-bluff, nut flush draw. He moved all in and the pot was paying more than enough to call. He turned over an open ended straight draw and I was actually ahead with my A high. Both draws hit and I knocked him out to put myself up to about $7000. By the time it got down to 3 I was at $10,000 and they were about even at $1500. They were both playing tight as possible to try and eek into second so I just continued to steal blinds and went heads up about $12,000 to $1000.

Poker seems so easy when things are going your way.
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