A Fool and His Money
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Poker Stars: $879.55 ($100 bonus pending)
Party Poker: $83
Live: $130 ("house-fund": $125)

Well I managed to post a $13 win tonight after 3 hours of play on 2 tables. The first hour and a half I was getting great cards and was up around $70. Then the cards slowed down and when I did get cards some idiot would river me with his crap hand. Other than my biggest loss which came when my pocket 8's hit a set and then filled up only to have pocket J's do the same. I won't even mention my A's getting cracked by J4 sooted (ok I guess I just did so shoot me.) I don't know what kind of education anyone can get from the following hand histories but I felt like sharing a few bad beats, if ya don't like it then don't read it:

Well the hand history converter seems to be down so I'll have to do a quick version:

Hand #1:
I'm dealt Kc10c in the SB. Opener raises and I call the $1.50. BB also calls. Flop comes down Kd10d2c. I bet out and get raised by the BB, a maniac, Opener cold calls, I reraise, both call. Turn is 9d. Not pretty for me but I bet out. BB folds. Opener calls. River is Qh. I bet and he calls all-in.

He turns over Jh9h for the rivered straight.


Hand #2:
I get dealt KcJh in the BB. One limper, SB completes, I check. Flop is Jc As Kd. SB bets, I raise, Limper calls, SB calls. Turn is 7d. SB checks, I bet, Limper calls. River 7c. It checks around and my two pair gets counterfeited. Limper shows Ad3s. SB shows pocket Q's.


Hand #3:
I'm dealt KhKd on the Button. One limper to me and I raise, SB calls, BB calls, Limper calls. Flop: 4d4c3h. Checks around to me and I bet, SB calls, BB folds, Limper calls. Turn 6s. Checks to me again and I bet, both call. River 5s. SB now bets and I make the crying call praying he doesn't somehow have a 7. Of course he has pocket 7's for the straight.


Hand #4: Last one
I'm dealt AcJc in the SB. One limper to me and I raise, BB calls, limper calls. Flop: 8dJh5s. I bet out and bot call. Turn 10d. I bet out again and both call. River 7s. Board isn't too scary so I bet out again. BB calls, limper folds. BB turns over 10c7h for two pair on the turn and river.


If not for all the crap I would have sported a much better win for the night. But I guess I shouldn't complain since a win is a win...

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