A Fool and His Money
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Wedding Count: 11 Days
Poker Stars: $1008
Party Poker: $83
Live: $118 ("house-fund": $125)

As promised here's the trip report from the past weekend.


I decided to take Friday afternoon off as I wasn't really getting much done at work any way and had a few things to take care of before heading off to Windsor for my bachelor party. I made a quick trip to city hall to pick up a copy of my birth certificate then back home to start packing. Packing took a total of about 20 minutes so I had about 3 hours to kill before leaving.

Of couse I hopped onto Poker Stars to get a little poker warm-up. 3 hours later I was up about $30 and had also cleared my $100 bonus for a nice $130 afternoon. To top it all off I had a total of 2003 FPPs and ordered Theory of Poker with 2000 of them. Not a bad start to the day.

After that I stopped by my buddy's house and 4 of us were on our way to Windsor. We decided to skip Greektown for the night and try and make it there early the next day (like that would happen.) An uneventful 3 hours later and we were at the border. We stopped off at the duty free store to pick up some much needed supplies: 2 cartons of cigarettes, 2 cases of beer, a bottle of vodka, and 10 cans of red-bull. We also somehow ended up getting the following for free: a lighter, a mini bottle of CC, and 3 ham sandwhiches. Interesting promotion that you get a free ham sandwhich with a case of beer.

After checking into the hotel we decide to drink a bit and play some hold-em before heading out to the bars. I played like crap and donated $10 canadian which I think is about $1.86 in US. We play and drink for about 2 hours and head out to Voodoo.

I remember getting there but after that things start getting a bit gray. I think that probably had something to do with the 6 shots of Jaeger and 2 jello shots I did within an hour of walking through the door.

Sometime after Voodoo I found myself at Cheetah's. At this point my whole world was spinning and I wasn't too stable on my feet. I get grabbed by a stripper and get settled into my first lap dance. As soon as the wave of her perfume washes over me I shove her out of the way and sprint to the bathroom where I lose just about everything in my stomach all over a wall and a urinal. Done for the night I head back to the hotel and pray to the porcelain god for a while until I finally crawl into bed and pass out sometime around 4am.


Saturday morning I woke up feeling a bit groggy but not as bad as I would have expected. I must have cleared out most of the evil the night before. After a bit of breakfast we head over to Greektown in Detroit since Windsor casino is still on strike. That worked better for me anyway as I finally got a chance to pop my live poker cherry.

We make it to Greektown and 2 of us put our names on the list for some $3/$6. Figures that there were 20 people ahead of us and no one in line for $5/$10. I was a bit too scared to sit in on the $5/$10 though as I didn't have quite enough cash and that seemed a bit too rich to try for my first time.

After waiting 3 hours, winning $80 on a slot machine and dropping $90 on a craps table I finally got called for a seat at $3/$6. I have to say I was less than enthused about my first B&M experience. I sat for about 3 and a half hours and I was playing so tight and my cards were so dead I think I only mixed it up in about 8 or 9 pots where I wasn't the BB. I only won 3 hands the entire time and I left with a $22 loss. The hands I won were as follows:

Hand #1:
Late position I'm dealt As5s and there's 2 limpers to me. I limp, button limps, SB completes, BB checks. Flop comes down AKx rainbow. I'm not a big fan of my kicker with the pair of A's so I just check when it checks around to me and the checks good. Turn is a blank. BB (aggressive player) bets $6, it folds around to me with Button and SB left to act. I decided to throw out a raise as I put him on a K. It folds back to the bettor and he folds as well and I take down the pot.

Hand #2:
I'm dealt AA UTG. I raise and it fold around to my friend J. in the BB who calls. Flop is a rag-filled rainbow. J. bets, I raise, He folds.

Hand #3:
I'm dealt Q2s in the BB. UTG calls. Everyone else folds around to me and I check. Flop is all rags and we both check. The Turn pairs my 2's and we both check again. Check on the river and I win the $3 in the BB.

After being used to the speed of playing 2-3 tables online the pace of playing in a casino seemed way too slow for me. Add to that that I really wasn't winning or losing anything and the whole experience was far from exciting. I will of course try again as I had a really bad run of cards this time around and hopefully the next time I can mix it up in a few more pots...

After the casino we finally met up with the rest the crew and about 16 spent the night getting loaded in strip clubs. I do believe a good time was had by all, especially me as I spent just about the entire night with a stripper in my lap and at times more than one. To end the night we went back to the hotel and 6 of us played a bit more hold-em until I finally couldn't hack it anymore and passed out around 6am.

A big thanks to all my friends for coming and to my best man for putting the whole thing together. A great experience for my second-to-last weekend as a free man.
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