A Fool and His Money
Monday, May 03, 2004
Wedding Count: 19 Days

Poker Stars: $943 ($100 bonus pending)
Party Poker: $83
Live: $130 ("house-fund" : $125)

After a good poker day on Friday the rest of the weekend didn't go quite as well. I played about a 2 hour session Saturday afternoon and got killed. I dropped around $60 (30BB). I was getting good starting hands but I just wasn't connecting and if I did hit a flop someone else hit harder. I lost KK to AA twice. Once when the AA tripped up on the flop and slow played me and I tripped up on the river for a nice little loss.

My evening session on Saturday I won a little bit back but just couldn't get anything going.

On Sunday I had the opposite. A poor afternoon session followed by a decent evening session.

All told I lost $40 Saturday and Sunday to put me even for online play over the weekend. I guess that's not too bad since I'm about halfway through working off my $100 bonus now. Once I get through the bonus I'll also finally have enough to use my Frequent Player Points on Stars to order a book. I think I'll go with The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky.

I did notice one flaw in my game that I need to work on. After getting hit by a bad beat early in a session if that puts me in a hole I try too hard to get back out. I start to overplay mediocre hands and convince myself that I'm due to win a pot. That just causes me to throw good money after bad and is something I need to work on. For the time being I think I'll just walk away after taking a beat and wait until I can get back to playing a solid game.
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