A Fool and His Money
Monday, May 17, 2004
Wedding Count: 6 days

Royal Vegas: $264
Party Poker: $83
Poker Stars: $126.50
Neteller: $680
Live: $118 ("house-fund":$125)

Sorry to the 2 of you who read this that I haven't been updating lately but with the wedding fast approaching I haven't really had much time to play which means I haven't had much to post about lately.

I did get a chance to play in our home game this past thursday and I ended up even. The first game I took third place and got lucky to do so. With 4 left I was the by far the lowest stack and the blinds had gotten so big I was all-in on my BB about 3 orbits in a row. After that I managed to double up when I was dealt pocket A's and got a caller after moving all-in. This put me into third place and the new short stack busted out. After one ill timed bluff on a KKx board with my opponent holding a K I was again cripled and went out shortly after.

The second game I never managed to catch anything and just semi-bluffed my way out when nothing ever came through for me. The third game I played decently well and took second place to get my money back for the night.

On Saturday I finally had a chance to sit down and play online for a while. I had signed up for Royal Vegas back when they were offering the WSOP freerolls even though I ended up missing both. They recently sent me an email offering a 100% bonus up to $100. So, I deposited $200 and now have to play 900 raked hands to clear the bonus. I'm probably about 200 hands in and I'm down $36. I was catching decent cards I just couldn't get anything to hold up. Every time I'd catch top pair I'd end up losing to someone with two pair or a set. I'm pretty sure I can turn that around though as the .50/1 6-max tables are incredibly soft there.

I'm also in the process of starting a $1000 Sit-&-Go challenge that I stole from another blogger (sorry can't remember who.) I pulled everything out of Poker Stars except $110. I'm going to follow the following format playing only No Limit Sit-&-Go's:

$0 - $110$5 + $.50
$110 - $220$10 + $1
$220 - $330$20 + $2
$330 - $550$30 + $3
$550 - $1000$50 + $5

I played my first $11 Sit-&-Go and took second place. I had a good shot at first seeing as I got heads up with $9000 vs. $4000 in chips. I kept chipping away and got it down to $11000 vs $2000 but he came back to about even. I chipped away again and got him down to about $2000 again then he started playing the all-in game where he pushed in every single hand. The first call I made a mistake and called his AA with my A7. He doubled up to $4000 and I had to be more careful. He continued to push all-in and blinds were now at $400/$800. After catching no cards at all he had the lead with about $7000 vs. my $6000. I finally caught 77 in the BB and he pushed all in again. I called and he turned over 66. I had him dead to rights until a 6 came down with the flop and I was bounced in second place.

I guess that serves as a good lesson to anyone who finds themselves being outplayed in a heads up game. If you know your opponent is better than you just push all in on every hand and let luck decide the game. Maybe he'll pick the right spot to call or maybe he won't but even if he does pick the right spot a little luck can still win it for you. A shitty way to play but if you know you're being outplayed its one way to take a lot of the skill out of the game.
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