A Fool and His Money
Friday, June 18, 2004
Well I've managed to get a little bit of poker in lately but nothing really amazing to speak of.

I've been continuing my Sit & Go challenge and played 5 more $11 S&G's the other day. I took 4th, 3rd, 7th, 1st, and 5th. A lot of work for a whopping $8. Nothing much to say about them other than I played fairly well and almost always got my money in with the best of it and got sucked out on. The times I didnt have the best of it were because of opponents playing ridiculous hands and catching cards with them.

I also played in our home game last night. That didn't go very well. There was one player there who didn't have a clue and was playing and calling down with any two cards. I can't count the number of times he turned over a Q or J high after calling the river. And yet somehow he managed to pull cards out of his ass to win the big pots and always had a mountain of chips. I lost to him twice. Once when I made a great read of weakness and from the button made an oversized bet into a 4 way uncontested pot to try and take it down on the flop. Of coure Mr. Maniac called me with bottom pair to ruin the bluff. The other was when I moved in with KJ on a J high all club flop. Mr Maniac once again called and wasn't happy once he saw the cards. Of course he perked up when someone else pointed out that he had a club and I didn't so he at least had a draw. Yep, when he called he thought he had nothing at all but called anyway. Of course another club hit and I lost another big pot to him.

I really hate playing against maniacs when they are catching cards left and right...
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