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Thursday, October 21, 2004
I managed to get some more playing time in this week. I continued playing the 1/2 tables and I did ok this time around. I cleared off the rest of the bonus after staying about even over the 3 hours I played. I did take one horrible beat that would have let me post a nice win rather than a break even session.

I'm dealt Qs-10s on the button. A couple limpers to me and I limp as well. The BB raises and I call along with everyone else. I believe there was 5 to the flop. Flop comes down QQ4. A lot of raising ensues and it ends up capped with 4 to the turn. The turn is a 10, filling me up. Again the pot is capped with 3 going to the river. The river is a J. We cap it 3-ways one more time and of course one of them has QJ for the rivered full house. I had a feeling that J screwed me but I capped it anyway. I haven't had the heart to review that hand yet to see what the third person had. That was probably the biggest pot I was involved in all night and a 3 outer pushed it the wrong way. Then again I guess I hit my 3 outer on the turn to take the lead. Ah well such is poker...

I ended up +$160 including the bonus. Not bad for a couple hours of play. I'll probably be giving back $20 tonight though since I think I'm going to play in the Poker Stars Blogger tournament. Check with Iggy for info.

Now it's on to Ultimate Bet where I have $120 in bonus money to clear.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I played a decent bit on Friday at .50/1 on Stars and had pretty much a break even session. I think over all after about 2 hours of play I was +$9.

Then I made the step up to $1/$2 on Saturday.

It did not go well.

For the most part the normal hands like top pair or two pair held up the expected amount. However, my big hands all went down in flames. That's not good for the bankroll. I won my fair share of small pots but whenever I was involved in a big pot with a good hand I got beat. I lost at least 3 times with king high flushes. I lost repeatedly on sets to either higher sets or got drawn out on by straights or flushes. I just couldn't get any of the usually big hands to hold up. Overall I lost 40bb or $80.

The play in general didn't seem any tougher than the .50/1 games. It seemed to be more aggressive but that was due to more maniacs. I'm not sure if that's the 1/2 game in general or just that way because it was a Saturday night. If that's the nature of the 1/2 game then I guess I'm going to have to get used to the bigger swings in variance.

I'm going to continue to try the 1/2 game for a bit longer. I'm 400 FPP's into the 600 I need to clear the $120 bonus and I'm still up $20 since depositing to earn the bonus. So, I figure I have some money to play with.

Bankroll (from memory)
Poker Stars: $840 ($120 bonus pending)
Royal Vegas: $370
Ultimate Bet: $200 ($100ish bonus pending)
Party: $70
Thursday, October 14, 2004
From memory the bankroll is as follows:

Poker Stars: $908 ($120 bonus pending)
Ultimate Bet: $220 ($115 bonus pending)
Royal Vegas: $376
Party: $70
Home Game : $180 I think??

I played some more on Stars last night to keep working off those FPP's to clear the bonus. I figure it makes sense to clear that one first since that frees up most of my money to spread back around...

I had a pretty good night again. +38BB at .50/1. A lot of that came from one player in particular who would call people down with anything. He managed to stay afloat for a while given how often low limit players try to bluff. But I managed to catch some hands against him and he as expected called me down to the river.

I'm wondering how long I can ride the hot streak before reality sets back in. I'm 118 FPPs into the 600 needed to clear the bonus and I'm +88bb for the time I've put in so far.

I'm hoping to clear a large chunk of the remaining FPPs this weekend since the wife is heading out of town. I'll have the house to myself from Friday night until Monday night. I have a few chores to do but I should still have plenty of play time...
Thursday, October 07, 2004
I had a chance to play some more on Tuesday night. I was busy yesterday so never had a chance to update.

I played for a while on Royal Vegas and finished off my raked hand requirement there so I can no cash out. I cashed in $200 and I'm cashing out $276 + $100 bonus. After the bonus I'm +176BB after having to play 900 raked hands. Not too bad. The players on Royal Vegas are some of the easiest around. The play is very loose passive. I find it much easier than Party since you get fewer pure maniacs. At Royal Vegas if someone is coming back at you they usually have a hand and you can figure out what to do from there. At Party someone coming back at you means much of nothing most of the time...

I then put in a little more time at Ultimate Bet. I lost about $8 at the tables, and lost a 6-man $5.50 Sit&Go. I'm quickly realizing how long it's going to take to work off my bonus there. The Ultimate Points just don't seem to roll in very quickly. I'm also thinking so far that the players there are much tougher. At a full table I'm guessing that at least half are of the same skill level as me with 1 or 2 of those possibly better. Now I remember why I never finished off my old bonus that was sitting at UB. I think I've improved since then though so I'm going to continue working off the bonus. So far I'm still on the + side from a first and second in the 6-man $5.50 Sit&Go's.

After getting worked a little on UB I switched over to Poker Stars where I have to earn 600 FPP's to clear my bonus. I had a great run of cards on Stars and by the end found myself +$48 and having cleared about 52 FPP's. I actually caught pocket pairs the first 5 hands I was dealt on one table. Of course I only won 2 of them and had to fold after the flop on the other 3 but that still gave me quite a nice start. I definately play better when I manage to post an early gain. I still have the bad habit of trying too hard when I get myself into a hole...
Monday, October 04, 2004
Well I'm gonna try this again...

I started playing EverQuest again recently and that game is like fucking crack so I haven't been playing poker very much lately. I have gotten the itch again though so I'm going to try and get back into the game. It helps that I recently got an ass-ton of emails offering reload bonuses. The only bad part was I didn't have enough free cash to take advantage of them all. Time to buckle down and clear some bonuses so I can free my money up to spread around when I get those bonus emails.

Current Bankroll (estimated):

PokerStars: $820 ($120 bonus pending)
Party Poker: $70
Royal Vegas: $370
Ultimate Bet: $220 ($125 bonus pending)
Live: $180

I'm in the process now of finally working off a 3 month old bonus from Royal Vegas. I think I only have to play about 100 more raked hands so that should be gone in a day or two. I cashed in $200 and if things go well over those last 100 hands I'll cash out nearly double that amount.

After that I will start working on the Poker Stars bonus as I can clear 600 fpp's in a week or two and that frees up a good chunk of money to spread around.

My play since the last post has been rather sporadic. I had a rough period where I was getting cold decked and I started playing like crap. I tightened up A LOT and have since recovered. I feel like I'm playing half-way decently again but I need to put in more table time to make sure.

I still feel like I play better in the single table sit & go's but it just takes to long to clear the bonuses playing in those so I'm playing mostly .50/1 limit lately. I do fairly well but it's really hard to put anyone on a hand at that level because people will play anything. The variance at that level is a bitch but I've been slowly chipping up and I think I'm finally beating the rake so all is well.

As far as the Sit&Go challenge as of right now it's a failure. I took the $110 and turned it into $220 pretty quickly. Since then I've been stuck. I still do well at the $10+1's and I'm cashing around 48% of the time with more firsts than thirds. The problem is in stepping up to the $20+2's. I have yet to manage to cash in one of those damn things. I've bubbled in more of those than I care to admit but can't seem to break into the money. I lose a $20+2 drop and back down to the $10+1 and all is fine. I rebuild, take another stab, and lose again. I may have to give up and be happy with the money I'm winning at the $11 tables and quit pissing it away... Either that or double my requirements and take a stab at the $20+2's when I have over $400 and can take a few losses at that level before having to drop back down.

I have a while before thinking about that though as for now I'm bonus whoring the micro-limits...
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