A Fool and His Money
Thursday, October 14, 2004
From memory the bankroll is as follows:

Poker Stars: $908 ($120 bonus pending)
Ultimate Bet: $220 ($115 bonus pending)
Royal Vegas: $376
Party: $70
Home Game : $180 I think??

I played some more on Stars last night to keep working off those FPP's to clear the bonus. I figure it makes sense to clear that one first since that frees up most of my money to spread back around...

I had a pretty good night again. +38BB at .50/1. A lot of that came from one player in particular who would call people down with anything. He managed to stay afloat for a while given how often low limit players try to bluff. But I managed to catch some hands against him and he as expected called me down to the river.

I'm wondering how long I can ride the hot streak before reality sets back in. I'm 118 FPPs into the 600 needed to clear the bonus and I'm +88bb for the time I've put in so far.

I'm hoping to clear a large chunk of the remaining FPPs this weekend since the wife is heading out of town. I'll have the house to myself from Friday night until Monday night. I have a few chores to do but I should still have plenty of play time...
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