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Thursday, October 07, 2004
I had a chance to play some more on Tuesday night. I was busy yesterday so never had a chance to update.

I played for a while on Royal Vegas and finished off my raked hand requirement there so I can no cash out. I cashed in $200 and I'm cashing out $276 + $100 bonus. After the bonus I'm +176BB after having to play 900 raked hands. Not too bad. The players on Royal Vegas are some of the easiest around. The play is very loose passive. I find it much easier than Party since you get fewer pure maniacs. At Royal Vegas if someone is coming back at you they usually have a hand and you can figure out what to do from there. At Party someone coming back at you means much of nothing most of the time...

I then put in a little more time at Ultimate Bet. I lost about $8 at the tables, and lost a 6-man $5.50 Sit&Go. I'm quickly realizing how long it's going to take to work off my bonus there. The Ultimate Points just don't seem to roll in very quickly. I'm also thinking so far that the players there are much tougher. At a full table I'm guessing that at least half are of the same skill level as me with 1 or 2 of those possibly better. Now I remember why I never finished off my old bonus that was sitting at UB. I think I've improved since then though so I'm going to continue working off the bonus. So far I'm still on the + side from a first and second in the 6-man $5.50 Sit&Go's.

After getting worked a little on UB I switched over to Poker Stars where I have to earn 600 FPP's to clear my bonus. I had a great run of cards on Stars and by the end found myself +$48 and having cleared about 52 FPP's. I actually caught pocket pairs the first 5 hands I was dealt on one table. Of course I only won 2 of them and had to fold after the flop on the other 3 but that still gave me quite a nice start. I definately play better when I manage to post an early gain. I still have the bad habit of trying too hard when I get myself into a hole...
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