A Fool and His Money
Thursday, October 21, 2004
I managed to get some more playing time in this week. I continued playing the 1/2 tables and I did ok this time around. I cleared off the rest of the bonus after staying about even over the 3 hours I played. I did take one horrible beat that would have let me post a nice win rather than a break even session.

I'm dealt Qs-10s on the button. A couple limpers to me and I limp as well. The BB raises and I call along with everyone else. I believe there was 5 to the flop. Flop comes down QQ4. A lot of raising ensues and it ends up capped with 4 to the turn. The turn is a 10, filling me up. Again the pot is capped with 3 going to the river. The river is a J. We cap it 3-ways one more time and of course one of them has QJ for the rivered full house. I had a feeling that J screwed me but I capped it anyway. I haven't had the heart to review that hand yet to see what the third person had. That was probably the biggest pot I was involved in all night and a 3 outer pushed it the wrong way. Then again I guess I hit my 3 outer on the turn to take the lead. Ah well such is poker...

I ended up +$160 including the bonus. Not bad for a couple hours of play. I'll probably be giving back $20 tonight though since I think I'm going to play in the Poker Stars Blogger tournament. Check with Iggy for info.

Now it's on to Ultimate Bet where I have $120 in bonus money to clear.

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