A Fool and His Money
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
I played a decent bit on Friday at .50/1 on Stars and had pretty much a break even session. I think over all after about 2 hours of play I was +$9.

Then I made the step up to $1/$2 on Saturday.

It did not go well.

For the most part the normal hands like top pair or two pair held up the expected amount. However, my big hands all went down in flames. That's not good for the bankroll. I won my fair share of small pots but whenever I was involved in a big pot with a good hand I got beat. I lost at least 3 times with king high flushes. I lost repeatedly on sets to either higher sets or got drawn out on by straights or flushes. I just couldn't get any of the usually big hands to hold up. Overall I lost 40bb or $80.

The play in general didn't seem any tougher than the .50/1 games. It seemed to be more aggressive but that was due to more maniacs. I'm not sure if that's the 1/2 game in general or just that way because it was a Saturday night. If that's the nature of the 1/2 game then I guess I'm going to have to get used to the bigger swings in variance.

I'm going to continue to try the 1/2 game for a bit longer. I'm 400 FPP's into the 600 I need to clear the $120 bonus and I'm still up $20 since depositing to earn the bonus. So, I figure I have some money to play with.

Bankroll (from memory)
Poker Stars: $840 ($120 bonus pending)
Royal Vegas: $370
Ultimate Bet: $200 ($100ish bonus pending)
Party: $70
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