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Monday, October 04, 2004
Well I'm gonna try this again...

I started playing EverQuest again recently and that game is like fucking crack so I haven't been playing poker very much lately. I have gotten the itch again though so I'm going to try and get back into the game. It helps that I recently got an ass-ton of emails offering reload bonuses. The only bad part was I didn't have enough free cash to take advantage of them all. Time to buckle down and clear some bonuses so I can free my money up to spread around when I get those bonus emails.

Current Bankroll (estimated):

PokerStars: $820 ($120 bonus pending)
Party Poker: $70
Royal Vegas: $370
Ultimate Bet: $220 ($125 bonus pending)
Live: $180

I'm in the process now of finally working off a 3 month old bonus from Royal Vegas. I think I only have to play about 100 more raked hands so that should be gone in a day or two. I cashed in $200 and if things go well over those last 100 hands I'll cash out nearly double that amount.

After that I will start working on the Poker Stars bonus as I can clear 600 fpp's in a week or two and that frees up a good chunk of money to spread around.

My play since the last post has been rather sporadic. I had a rough period where I was getting cold decked and I started playing like crap. I tightened up A LOT and have since recovered. I feel like I'm playing half-way decently again but I need to put in more table time to make sure.

I still feel like I play better in the single table sit & go's but it just takes to long to clear the bonuses playing in those so I'm playing mostly .50/1 limit lately. I do fairly well but it's really hard to put anyone on a hand at that level because people will play anything. The variance at that level is a bitch but I've been slowly chipping up and I think I'm finally beating the rake so all is well.

As far as the Sit&Go challenge as of right now it's a failure. I took the $110 and turned it into $220 pretty quickly. Since then I've been stuck. I still do well at the $10+1's and I'm cashing around 48% of the time with more firsts than thirds. The problem is in stepping up to the $20+2's. I have yet to manage to cash in one of those damn things. I've bubbled in more of those than I care to admit but can't seem to break into the money. I lose a $20+2 drop and back down to the $10+1 and all is fine. I rebuild, take another stab, and lose again. I may have to give up and be happy with the money I'm winning at the $11 tables and quit pissing it away... Either that or double my requirements and take a stab at the $20+2's when I have over $400 and can take a few losses at that level before having to drop back down.

I have a while before thinking about that though as for now I'm bonus whoring the micro-limits...
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