A Fool and His Money
Thursday, March 10, 2005
I'm still around. Still playing some poker here and there. I've mostly been playing live and haven't played much online lately. Just got back from Windsor and sat at a table for about 6 hours. I ended up with horrible starters and the only decent starters I got missed the flop. Over 6 hours I think I pulled down about 4 pots and just say and paid blinds. No real losers and no huge winners. Just an overall $46 loss most of which from the blinds.

I did play the last couple nights on Poker Stars. I still have a $100 bonus sitting out there from back in Dec 04. Playing .50/1 while I try to rebuild the poker bankroll. I was up to about $2000 at the end of last year but pulled out $1500 for christmas.

The first night I went up early and stayed there posting around a $40 win over 2 and a half hours.

Last night I went down early and started with about a $20 loss. I managed to continue to play solid and ended up posting around a $10 win. I'm now about a quarter of the way through the required FPP's to clear the bonus.

I think I'm going to start trying to bonus whore a bit more often. As of late I've been addicted to playing EverQuest 2 and that hasn't been good for getting in any table hours.

I figure as long as I can be picking up a bonus I'm going to try and split the freetime 50/50 between poker and EQ2. At least that's the plan.
like tumbler and tipsy days hopefully we will remain in high spirits. well, good day
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