A Fool and His Money
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Back for my yearly post just so I have a personal log of what the fuck I've been doing.

EQ2 ended up taking over most of my time the last two years as MMOG's tend to do. I think I'm out from under it now and just prepping my account to be sold. I'm hoping to net about $2000 for it but we'll see how that works out.

Been playing some poker again recently. Mainly playing on Asbolute and having not so good luck. Went back to the books and I'm starting over in my studies of the game. Luckily with the rakeback and the bonuses from Absolute I've still managed to grow my bankroll by almost $600 over the last two months. Very odd how pokertracker can show me at almost a -1bb/100 but I can still make money. Gotta love bonuses.

I'm at the point now where I'm debating stepping up. The bankroll is to the point where I should definately be playing $2/$4 or even $3/$6 but I'm still playing $1/$2. I'm concerned about the fact that I'm growing the bankroll because of bonuses and stepping up will start eating into any slight profits I'm showing right now.

I think I'll put in another month or two of $1/$2 and possibly step up after posting a positive month, if I can ever make that happen.
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