A Fool and His Money
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Well with the new poker ban I've pulled out most of the money I had in various accounts. I withdrew about $1200. I left $200 in Absolute and $400 in PokerStars since neither of those sites have announced yet what they are going to do.

Haven't really been playing much of late since my back is fucked up again. I had back surgery toward the end of last year and it's been bugging me a bit again when I spend too much time at the a computer. Given that I work in front of one all day long that means evenings are spent doing something else.

The only recent play has been in Poker Source Online's Poker League. Two events in and two miserable showings where I busted in the bottom 1/3rd. Both times I managed to cripple myself running jacks into bigger pocket pairs. After getting crippled and the blinds going up I end up moving in with mediocre hands and losing to even more mediocre hands. Pocket 8's vs. K-6o loses to a rivered K. And the second tourney A6s gets called by pocket 9's & 10's, Ace flop but a 9 turns to send me out.
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